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02 October 2009 @ 03:03 pm
the many days of sharing (then some days of not sharing) then sharing again meme.  
Oops. Again.

seven days of sharing: has turned into like 10. or something.

one: a song
two: a picture
three: a book/ebook/fanfic
four: a site
five: a youtube clip

six: a quote

Keisha: Ugh. It's always some day or other at this school! Today it's sex education day. Yesterday was Monday. Let's take the day off, man!
Natella: You always want to take the day off Keisha. You're trapped in a vicious circle. Not interested in school cos you can't read, can't read cos you're not interested in school.
Keisha: I can't read, Natella, cos I have Attention Deficit Syndrome.
Latrina: What's that?
Keisha: What's what? Oh! Teacher's coming! Don't let her see the baby. Distract her!
Natella: Mrs. Jackson, have you don't something with your hair?
Mrs. Jackson: Uh no.
Latrina: Well perhaps you should. It's a disgrace.
Mrs. Jackson: Riight. This is Tamsin, everybody. In their wisdom, her parents have decided to broaden her social awareness and leave public school and mix with poorer, more violent children.
~ Bromwell High; info.
Keisha & I are like soulmates, lol.

seven: whatever tickles your fancy
Whatever tickles my fancy? WELL. Then it will be a load of things!

1. Katy Brand - I'm gonna weird you out tonight
I'm gonna weird you out tonight
I'm gonna write my new album with a kite
I'll eat cheese, ham and an aluminum bun
Put a keyboard in a blender just to have some fun

2. Little Boots: A Different Kind of Youtube Star
Pitchfork: You're all over the internet, on YouTube, MySpace, and on your blog. And I see you've started a Twitter now. I'm sort of frightened by Twitter.

Little Boots: What a strange thing, right? I don't really want to know what everybody had for breakfast and it quite worries me that people want to know what I had for breakfast. With all the other stuff-- my blog, YouTube, and everything else-- I've always done it myself. I'm totally into it. But the Twitter was something that my management made me do. It's stupid; I don't get it. I got annoyed, I was like, "Oh god, with all the other stuff that I do, you want a bloody Twitter as well?" I've just been putting ridiculous things on there.

3. Kanye West 'Auto tune'
"Not only was this record produced by ME, I also rap, sing and play every instrument MYSELF. The sleeve was designed by ME, and I PERSONALLY burnt every CD and I put them in the boxes with MY OWN hands!

I am directing this video with with cameras that I designed and built MYSELF. The TV you watchin' this on was invented by ME, and all the programs on all the other channels were written and produced and directed by ME."

4. fitness club fiasco!!! :D <3

5. Bench. I like benches. I like to stand on benches and pretend I've just taken a dozen sleeping pills & chased those with vodka. Cos then people will know what love feels like.

Well, that's enough fancy tickling for the day.
tunes: Subvert HQ - Subvert "And Now For Something Completely Different" Sessions [October 2009 Drum & Bass