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17 January 2010 @ 01:27 am
A Serious Post  
I'm going to take this evening in (with the never-ending migraine) to post something serious. As you (maybe) know, I'm now, as of this moment, *ahem* an Environmental Biology undergrad (Ask me again in 3 months what I am). I just spent the last 2 hours watching a documentary about the Great Lakes, one of three I bought for my family for Christmas. Just thought it would be a good opportunity to enlighten people/make people cry/cause hopelessness all-round. Cos that's just what I do...

So, this was it:

Waterlife: A Great Lakes Documentary

I seriously recommend these to everyone. Everyone.

The other one I bought (and watched already as well):

End of the Line

The one I bought for my sister:

The 11th Hour

Which is funny cos she bought me one too:

The Cove

Burning the Future: Coal In America

So that was the recent films we got. Others I recommend:

Mysteries of the Great Lakes. (Saw this in IMAX. Wow.)


Saving Luna

Blue Gold: World Water Wars

Coal Country



At The Edge of Everything

Whale Wars (The series)

Not a trailer, but related to the first film:

And for something a little different:

A live performance of the song "Ipperwash" by Little Hawk.

And finally something less depressing:
Something I love to do...

Unsalted: Great Lakes Experience

And somethings I enjoy...

(Highlights being Faithless and Melanie Safka)

1989: The Summer of Rave (We need this now.)

Well, I still have a headache. *sigh*

For sometimes when we have reached the end
With the velvet hill in the small of my backs
And our hands are clutching the sand
Will our blood become a part of the river
All of the rivers are givers to the ocean
According to plan, according to man
There's a chance peace will come in your life, please buy one.

~Melanie Safka, 'Peace Will Come'