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19 March 2010 @ 05:24 pm
skins 4x08 --- "everyone" ... supposedly, but not really.  

When Kathryn Prescott sniffing her fingers to see if she used them night prior is the most realistic thing about an entire Skins series, you know something is rotten in the state of Denmark. (SEE WHAT I DID THERE? I quoted Hamlet. Again.) HEAVEN WILL DIRECT IT... Back to heaven; RIP Skins.

I'm going to rely on some real judges to help me out here. But fair warning: This could get rather long (like Freddie's greasy locks) and ranty, and as immature as Emily Fitch.

So here we go, one last time.


I honestly have no clue where to start, or if I even want to cos at this point, it seems pretty fruitless to complain and criticise. After all, it's all said and done. No amount of whinging on and on will change the absolute tragedy of Skins series 4. And no, not a Hamlet-like tragedy. (JB *wishes*) More like... a travesty. Better word choice there.

I suppose I should preface this whole thing by saying, I was apprehensive about this entire series before it even began. Maybe I'm biased. Especially as soon as we heard the dreaded "only 8 episodes" bit. For the entirety of the series, I have sat round on Friday afternoon going "What the shit is going on?" and wallowing in the ineptitude of the Skins writing "team". (Wait, there's no I in team? OH. Coulda fooled me, Skins writers.) And generally trying to fanwank away all the glaring inconsistencies, plot-holes and massive gaping chasms of faulty research. Please, can I say (and I swear this will be the last time, obviously)? I knew this series was doomed the moment Sophia took MDMA (the worst way possible, btw) and jumped off a balcony. People just don't do that. The second they chose to call it MDMA instead of a more realistic drug for that kind of behaviour, I felt the faith slipping. And then when they decided to ignore the ease of a Google search in favour of creating make-believe crimes in order to create drama for Naomi and Cook, I just lost it completely. (As those of you on my f-list well know, haha).

What happened to Skins being "real"? We all know it's not ~realistic, but it was at least moderately believable at one point. This series was quite possibly worse than the entire run of The O.C. and that's saying something.

Wow, that was not where I wanted to take this. Anyway, back onto EPISODE 8. My preface was supposed to mention that I made an error possibly in my choice of entertainment prior to the finale last night. I decided to watch Harry Brown. That was likely not a good idea. Simply because, other than the fact I cried for pretty much the entire second half of the film, (for very complex and complicated reasons I won't go into here since I'm talking dangerous Skins, not films) it was much rawer, and everything Skins tries to be and isn't. (And btw, it's better than Gran Torino, jsyk.) Then I had only an hour to kill between the end of the film and Skins. Mmm. 7-11.

Speaking of food, I am super hungry & a pretty magnificent grouchy bitch, so I'm going to try not to be a total cunt, but no promises. At least, not til my pizza finishes in the oven.

I honestly have no idea where to begin, and that's why I keep rambling about inconsequential things. OK. Bad news first?


Things I hated...

AH FML. Burnt my hand inside my stupid complicated German oven.

Now, I've never thought Skins wrote particularly good finales (bar parts of S2). This was pretty much on par with what I expected from a finale in terms of resolution. However, when you have 8 episodes in which to tell 9 different stories, and then a total of 48 minutes to wrap the entire thing together, you don't waste time with things like extended, awkward "dance" scenes with Lily Loveless, tearful goodbye scenes with evil psychiatrists who were only introduced last ep, or, you know, Thomas. He is completely useless, both as a character and an actor. I would gauge that only approximately 10% of the viewing audience even gave a shit about him.

While we're on the subject of filler, Pandora/Thomas? Really? I kinda thought that ship sailed a long time ago, what with Thomas being a massive tool and Pandora being mainly non-existent. Did I give a shit about that? Nope. And I actually really like Panda, but that whole thing was plain stupid.

Why can't a boy and girl on Skins just be friends? Why is that such a foreign concept this series? Oh right, Congo cock.

First up...
Don't even get me started on the pure shit they gave Katie this episode. And why the fuck she dresses the way she does. My eccentric great aunt has the same outfit, Katiekins. She enjoys polo mints and brandy for breakfast. And has 3 cats. Katie was possibly the most real of the characters this series, if only cos she wasn't given this overwhelmingly melodramatic breakdown to cope with. (Everyone else got one.) And yet, she gets about 1 minute of screentime and most of it consisted of a)some weird, awkward thing with Thomas and b)farting in her sleep. Great. (Speaking of which, so Katie's living at Naomi's too, and sharing a room with Cook? No, seriously. When she's talking to Thomas, you see her clothes hanging on a rack. Unless, Emily's decided to punish Naomi with excessive animal print, and have one of those "Which twin is which" headfucks with her.)


This was never explained. Not that it's particularly important. It just doesn't make any sense either. Convenient, yeah?

You know, let's just go character by character...

Pandora: So... she's secretly a genius?



She secretly took exams? She secretly got a make-believe history scholarship to HARVARD? She's actually entirely fluent in French after just learning the word "incroyable" last series? How can you even get into a french A-level without some background in the language?

Where is my Panda-pops I loved before?

Keep in mind, this is the same girl who, when Effy first met her, was drinking ink out of her pen and then almost hung herself in the park. And apparently had no idea how to paint a picture and needed Effy & Sid to do it for her. Oh, and she's the same chick who downed an entire baggy of make-believe superdrugs cos she thought that's how to do it. And needs a sign on her own bathroom to remind herself what it is.

Pandora honey, there aren't enough Playmobil sets in the world to get you through four years of a History BA at Harvard. Honestly, if she had to learn by throwing sheep around a library, I'm not sure Harvard would offer her a place, let alone a scholarship (that doesn't actually exist. Way to go, fact-checkers. AGAIN.)

Which, let's just touch on Thomas again who magically, without any rhyme or reason gets another made-up athletics scholarship to Harvard, despite being expelled from school and not actually getting any A-levels at all. He's just that fast. Like a dog, right. (Can I just mention that when someone is compared to a dog it's usually not in a good way? Like, usually visions of humping people's legs and multiple penises come to mind. Not running fast. Cheetah, maybe. Dog? Not so much. But maybe that's just a cultural thing I don't understand.) Plus, dogs aren't ~that fast. Meh. Especially those stupid frou-frou ones.

I think perhaps the Skins writers have confused Harvard University with the McDonalds at the community college down the street. You can't just walk in the door and sign-up.

Or maybe, it's actually a university called Arvard and we are just assuming it's Harvard cos they have accents. Yes? Perhaps? ;P

And Tommo doesn't want to run for whitey, eh? Well, perhaps Harvard isn't the place for him then. JUST SAYING. If you want pompous, white assholes to bring your down and break your spirit, that's the place. (I hate university, can you tell?)

Freddie: Oh. He's a ghost now and talks to his loved ones... Okay.

Karen: Is 12. I don't understand what they were trying to do here. Not only did they make her look loads younger, she was also talking like she was 16. That bit outside Naomi's with Thomas when she was going on about her interests. As someone who is older than the Skins kids as well, it didn't make sense. Britney? Posh & Becks? Heavy petting? Seriously. How old is she again?

Effy: Who? Oh, you mean Angela from My So-Called Life? Hey, Effy, the 90s called. They want their terrible fashion back. Also, where is Effy? What is going on with Effy? Why is Effy even in this episode? What the fuck did Kaya do to piss off Bryan Elsley so much? Cos really, she's spent 4 years on the show and THAT'S what she gets? It's hard even to comment on Effy cos she was barely in it.

All I know is that her story made me the saddest cos look at it... Her boyfriend's just been brutally murdered by her doctor who it is implied sexually assaulted her in some way after she tried to kill herself, her best friend is leaving to go to "Harvard", her ex-boyfriend is either dead from avenging her boyfriend or on the run from the po-po for eternity for committing murder, her dad & bro have pissed away to nowhere land, her lezzie pals (Naomi who is the only one who actually bothered to visit Effy the first time) are setting sail to India to get sand up their vaginas, literally, so.. what? She's left with an autistic kid who's now raising a baby for the rather fly-by-night girlfriend he has and... Katie. The chick that she bashed over the head with a rock and left for dead in the woods, and has somehow put all that behind her.

DO WE SEE HOW ~THIS IS THE REAL TRAGEDY? Cos, holy hell. Effy, poor girl.

(While Katie would be enough for me, and is probably the best person for Effy (cos they're obviously in love or something. Why exactly was Katie sleeping over in the mentalhouse?) Effy has lost her "support" net. Not that the bunch of drunken, insane enablers she had for friends are the best support system anyway, but still.)

Emily: I don't even want to talk about Emily, tbh. She managed to piss me off every single time she was on screen. Just like she has since Katie's episode. CRY MOAR KATHRYN PRESCOTT. (I actually yelled this at the TV. My friend laughed politely.) That is literally all she and Lily Loveless have been given this whole series. It's boring, trite, and stupid. I've ranted about the portrayal (or lack thereof) of the so-called "relationship" at length in the past. I am just so fucking sick of seeing Emily cry like she's such a bloody victim all the time.

What really annoyed me far more than anything else she's done this series (and trust me, I really can't stand most of it), was that look she gives Naomi as she walks in the door to Fred's shed. Like Naomi needs to prove herself. Not the other way around. But, I don't really get the whole thing. Um. Naomi broke up with her cos Emily was lying for weeks (if not months) about what she's been up to, and dating and sleeping with Mandy (okay, just ~sleeping... naked, supposedly) and yet somehow it's STILL Naomi's fault?

Newsflash: It's both your faults. You stupid twats. The fact Emily didn't apologise at any point the entire time really rubbed me the wrong way. To me, that said, "Sure, if your girlfriend cheats on you once, it's perfectly acceptable to punish them to the point of borderline abuse for a year. It's their fault anyway." And I realise people can say "Well, Emily's apology was her saying "I love you"/kissing Naomi. It didn't need to be explicitly said." But it did. For once. I didn't feel the love from Emily really. I don't feel like she grew as a character at all, all series. She started out fine, then turned into this scorned, spoilt brat for the rest of it. "Oh boo hoo, my girlfriend doesn't want to go to Goa! Let's go pick up giants at the pub and bring them back, get them naked, wonder if you drunkenly shagged them, and then lie about it all! Oh, but wait, she's giving me tix to Goa so now that I get what *I* want, I guess it's okay!"

Not to mention the way she was using Mandy wasn't cool either.

I just... Don't even want to talk about it anymore.

Naomi: Something was off about her. I don't know if it was a result of the editing, pacing, lack of development or what but what kind of drugs is Naomi on at 9 AM? I want some. Last week had her wondering how "okay" she and Emily were (which I already discussed the weirdness of such a statement). This week she's prancing around, obviously either intoxicated or brain-damaged from previous intoxication, putting Emily to bed with another chick, making her breakfast, kissing her, making somewhat mean sounding sexual innuendos, before getting lashed @ 11:30 AM and listening to shit 80s music, before providing possibly the most awkward grinding I've ever seen... and some of my middle school dances were fairly well-lit.

When did Naomi become so stupid? I understand wilful blindness. Ignorance is bliss and all that. But she could not have really thought Mandy was straight, right? That's why she kept pushing? ...But then why was she so fucking surprised when it was confirmed? Like... *shakes head* The vibe I got was that Naomi knew the whole time but she was repressing it or not saying anything, in order to test Emily. (EMILY FAIL.) Which, while fairly passive-aggressive, is not particularly unfair. It proved to me that Emily is just as guilty of the things she holds against Naomi. And that means they BOTH are in the wrong. Still. After 7 episodes, nothing is any different. The only new info we got was a bit of background on Naomi's massive childhood love affair with Emily (which I won't go into cos I thought it was actually understandable, and can fit with S3 actually... but horribly written.) & subsequent justification for promiscuity. But anyone who uses "slave to the way I feel" automatically loses cred with me. Soz, Naoms.


(Yeah, yeah, good sociology dept too. Whatever. Leave me to indignantly scoff in peace, pls. And I'm fairly certain that will straight As she could have got into a school with a better sociology program. Like, one that isn't tied to such terrible memories. js.)


Hmm. I feel bad for Cook simply cos they took in him in one direction at the end of his episode, and undid ALL that growth throughout the rest of the series. Escaping from jail was the first step backwards. And then everything after (save his speech to Freddie about manning up). And so, it ends with him either merking someone, or dying. :(

Despite saying how much I enjoyed Harry Brown, I do not believe in vigilante justice. I don't think Cook was heroic. I don't think murdering the doctor is okay. Sorry. An eye for an eye leaves us all blind. Everyone who is creaming themselves over what a great guy Cook is need to look a little harder, imo. Without getting into this incredibly complex issue of "justice" (especially since across cultures, yes, even within various English-speaking ones), I don't think vengeance is an acceptable justification for murder. That's all I'm going to say about it. I took a law course in this exact subject and could talk for HOURS about it. So, just... No. I'm not going to talk about it anymore.

This is it:

Just... yeah.

"Vengeance is a lazy form of grief."

I dunno. I felt they did his character a huge injustice. After everything that's been built, fucking burn it to the ground. Though, that's pretty much my general view this whole series. "Yeah, let's do that. Let's build something, and then we'll tear it down! Fuck it, come on. Say it."

Jal. ILU.
Watch it here.
(PS. Chris=Naomi, Jal=Emily --- except Chris/Jal dealt with the issues 100x better. Seriously. Think about it. Naomi/Emily's storyline is so much less "impressive" when you consider this. The parallels are great. But Chris/Jal is how normal people, non-insane bitches who are in love deal with cheating. Naomi/Emily is just... how people deal with it in MelodramaticCrazytown. This was one of the things I mentioned a long time ago in relation to how uncreative Series 4 has been when compared to S1/2.)

Skins built something. It wasn't perfect, but people loved it for a reason. Then they said, fuck it, we have no idea what to do with this, so let's fuck it up so magnificently that we'll make it completely indistinguishable from the thing people loved in the first place. And we're left really with a series that's main focus was vengeance. Not love, not life, not even justice or consequences. Just revenge and darkness.

(And I can't help but think it was purposeful sabotage. They created a Frankenstein monster in a sense. This massively popular and ridiculously loved show, with a cast that exceeded beyond anyone's expectations and drew mobs of fans, literally. But they're faced with a new gen and series next year, and to prevent us from hating/dreading it off the bat, they destroyed what we loved so that our expectations are so low, our opinions can only go up next series. Too bad half these fans won't be watching any longer.)

But back to Cook, as much as I enjoyed his half-nakedness, it just couldn't make up for the backslide in his character development. Like, there wasn't any movement. The speech at the end? Similar to his ramble in JJ's ep last series. And the whole idea of nothingness? I dunno, I got Misfits vibes from it. Nathan's speech was better. I still enjoyed Cook's though. NGL. If only for the very last line. (The rest reeked a little of the same hubris Cook had in S3 ep2, imo, which just means he never did learn or develop much at all; and that saddens me).

And honest truth? I didn't mind the cliffhanger. Not at all. I expected as much. I just thought I would care a little more. Everyone's flipping out about lack of resolution but again, expected. It's not the cliffhanger that annoyed me. It was everything else about the episode. From it's ridiculously incoherent pacing, lack of cohesive character growth, random contrived plot devices and overused cliches, unconvincing acting & writing, and general messiness.

And, I have decided that if I ever want to commit a bunch of crimes and get away with it, I should just move to Bristol. They appear to have the most moronic police force since, I dunno, Mr Plod in Noddy books.

So. I also haven't really enjoyed the music. I thought the track chosen for the end montage was TERRIBLE. There hasn't been a single track this entire series that I've been like "WOW, what a fantastic choice! I love it!" (I thought there were FAR more in previous series). The only one they played that I was actually like "Nice" was the Panda Su track with Karen.

But the thing that really irked me and became crystal clear this episode?

The lack of friendship. Skins was supposed to be about a group of friends learning, suffering, growing up together. From the get go of S3, Gen2 has never really connected to each other the same way as Gen1. They have their own little cliques within the larger group, with a little connection to another clique here and there, and no relationships beyond the romantic are ever really explored in great detail other than those that were pre-existing. The fact that Emily and Thomas had never even been to Freddie's shed before? And we're supposed to believe that these were all tight buds? Nah. Not buying it. They've always felt like a group of people who have hung out together cos they don't have anyone else, not for any genuine connection. Any such connections were never explored to the degree where I could believe they really were a whole group of close friends; like not in the same sense I felt in Gen1, where you knew (with perhaps the exception of Anwar cos he wasn't really developed; and Cassie S2 cos she went off the deep end and burned her bridges pretty effectively) if one of them was upset, they ~could turn to any of the other people in their group. And don't even get me started on the lack of Katie & Emily in the finale. (*That* was a direction/editing issue. There was far more they could have done during Naomi's speech. SO much more. It doesn't have to be verbal. Dropped the ball on that one. Big time.)

I think had the pacing not been quite so WHAM! BAM! this episode would have had much improved cohesiveness, and thus emotional sustainability. But as it stands, it was just one random, disconnected event after another, and nothing really happened at all for half an hour. It was a little jarring, especially Naomi's story. WHAM! She's happy/stupid, BAM! she's drunk, WHAM! she's mad, BAM! she's in outer space, WHAM! she's naked, BAM! she's sad, WHAM! she's confessing her undying love, BAM! it's over. Like...... what? Headspin much. There was no real build-up, especially to the final Naomily scene. *sigh* It came out of nowhere. She just walks in the door and immediately starts on about her ~feelings. WHAT?

I expected better. Like, you all know me, I'm not a hater. I am (was) so in love with Naomi/Emily it's ridiculous but there's still something not quite right about it all for me. I was unsatisfied, I think. Disappointed, mostly in the fact that nothing really changed or moved forward for the entire series when I really think about it. Things happened, mostly for no reason, and nothing really changed in the end.

So, JB and BE and Co. can try to justify their decisions all they want but this series did NOT have the magic of the previous ones. Plain and simple. Giving Naomi/Emily a happy ending doesn't make up for 8 episodes of crap. Sorry. You can't bribe me like that. So, continue on, JB.

I don't care.

Apparently love is revenge; life is hedonistic vengeance. That's all I know now.



But anyway, this is an epically long post and if anyone's actually made it this far, I sincerely congratulate you. The scary thing is that I'm not done. I don't have much else to say in terms of things I didn't like, but I feel that I need to talk about the things I did like. But this post is far too long as it stands. So, there will be a part two which likely will incorporate both what I enjoyed about the episode (cos there were moments, unlike JJ's episode), and the series in general. I think it all can fit in one post, tbh.

So, until then... PEACE OUT, BITCHES. xx

rOsie; like waaay cool!letsgetfitched on March 19th, 2010 10:05 pm (UTC)
I read it all.
Gotta say i agree with you on so much of it!!
angel of deathbloodyknuckles on March 19th, 2010 10:16 pm (UTC)
lol i love this entire post

i'm still letting the entire series sink in before i really give my opinion because, like a treebranch in the wind, I SWAY. or something. i dunno, wax on wax off, do or do not there is no try, something about elephants, one ring to rule them all, etc etc.


Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] lily: rawr!doreah on March 20th, 2010 12:03 am (UTC)
HEHE, yeah, I thought i would do some swaying too this series, but i've been pretty firmly rooted from the get-go. (omg, how many more tree metaphors can we use?)... i just never could get myself to be-leaf in the writers. (ouch. sorry, lol.) and it kinda continued on the whole series.

it's like the series was born in the Cliche Tree of Melodrama, Contrivances and Plot Holes, fell out of the cliche tree and hit every cliche branch on the way down.

i dunno, if i waited to talk about it, i'd prolly have to wait another 6 months. cos, likely i may change my tune slightly (like, initially i did not like S1 AT ALL, and i wasn't too taken by S2 --but now it's my fav, so meh. fluidity and all that.)

i'm hoping my reaction/opinions are not just cos i can't see the forest for the trees..... i'm pretty sure the forest really is stupid and annoying too.


and as a treehugger, that hurts my heart to say.

b.a: lilykatonlyclowns on March 19th, 2010 10:17 pm (UTC)
i enjoyed reading this :p it pretty much sums up everything i felt about this series. the panda and thomas thing pissed me off especially, although not nearly as much as them fucking up naomily ugggh

also pissing me off, trying to watch the jal clip and being met with:

'This video contains content from Channel 4, who has blocked it in your country on copyright grounds'

oh sorry youtube, i thought living in britain would mean i could watch videos from a british channel

BUT ANYWAY, i approve 100% of this post :D
jeskaa: Happyjeskaa on March 20th, 2010 12:00 am (UTC)
oh my god I just spent like ages responding to this and I have no idea why, lol. Sorry for the novel

BB, come down off that ledge - it actually gets better on repeat viewings. Really, it doesn't change the fact that the whole thing was rushed - this season really needed those 10 episodes, or to lose some of the less essential storylines - but I'm convinced that it was actually an amazing job tying together the pile of crap that had been left after the first seven episodes. I frankly, I didn't mind that they didn't concretely resolve everyone's storyline, and I'm not sure if that was deliberate or if they literally just ran out of time for the rest of it. The pacing of the rest of the season makes me think that it was like they only discovered they had one more episode left right when they started writing this one, so the end result was always going to be somewhat flawed, but I think it had it's moments.

Lily Loveless is a genius. How someone can manage to be so hilarious and so heartbreaking at the same time is simply amazing. There is so much depth going on in her face in every single scene, just scared/angry/love/hurt/pissed/hopeless/hopeful/longing flashing one after the other and that's precisely the turmoil Naomi is feeling. And her comic timing is incredible. So if for nothing else, I enjoyed this episode for The Loveless and her amazing acting.

Emily and Naomi- oh, those girls..

I do actually think Emily's character was redeemed a bit this episode. Like, I think the entire cheating think just destroyed her world not just because of a physical act but because it completely shattered her ideas about everything - she suddenly got that cold bucket of water that perfect love and perfect relationships really don't exist and being with someone is hard, making it work with someone really is difficult. Her "you ruined it" was obviously speaking to the fact that Naomi had punctured the fairytale bubble she was living in and she's been spinning ever since. I don't think reacting the way she did was particularly immature, remembering that she's 17 and had loved Naomi forever - at the end of Season 3 she thought that was it, the heartache was done and she would live happily ever after, but it was pretty obvious from the get-go that Naomi was very much her own person and relationships were a completely foreign concept for her - in retrospect that there was always going to be some kind of crash. The fact that the explosion was like, part of some big crazy girl/stalking storyline still feels a bit forced, but hey whatever. The mystery of the killer MDMA and Sophia brings the laughs (macros are the best thing ever) so I'll let it go. It is Skins after all, and nothing is ever done halfway.

Emily had shoved Naomi in a box and was utterly devastated that Naomi could feel that Emily's love and Emily's idea of skipping off happily in the sunset was overwhelming to Naomi (I had to stop using she because I was confusing myself, lol) and so Emily has been flailing around, in anger, in sadness, in panic just trying to figure out how to put the pieces back together. Yeah, she's been a bit of a bastard this season but Emily and Naomi have both been numbing themselves and trying to ignore the conflict between them, while still seemingly not able to break away because they still feel so drawn to each other. I think waking up next to Mandy and looking utterly panicked was really well done, showing that Emily wasn't only worried about Naomi finding out, but of crossing an emotional line in their kinda-sorta relationship and moving away from Naomi in a way she finally admitted she really doesn't want to do after all. And Kat Prescott in underpants, I enjoyed it.

jeskaa: Megan!jeskaa on March 20th, 2010 12:01 am (UTC)
Pt 2
I don't care if Naomi and Emily were miserable this season - I just wanted them to let us know they were interacting, still feeling pulled to each other even if they each have no idea how to fix it.. Still sleeping in the same bed, which I can only assume was filled with drunken hatesex, which makes me smile, though I am still royally pissed that we didn't see any of it this season. Really? Merv's ass and JJ fucking 8 ways to Sunday and we get - one kiss? Two? A groping in the mirror while fucking Thomas is in the way again? Ugh.. but I digress, and still, it's more than we had before. I don't think anyone would ever say that Emily and Naomi's relationship was ever going to be totally functional, I mean they're young and the power dynamic wasn't ever really equal and they're both trying to feel out how to be with each other and failing miserably. But I liked the fact that they were still together throughout this whole mess speaks volumes about how deeply and passionately they feel drawn to each other. You can't be so miserable if you don't love someone that much.

I think the Goldsmith's thing was in reference to Sophia? Isn't that where Naomi went to the open day? It's like she wants to be haunted, but in all seriousness, it's that kind of tiny detail that I like about Skins - it's what makes things worth watching a second and third and fourth time..

I don't feel bad for Mandy, not really. She's the one choosing to get involved with someone who is still living - and very much emotionally connected to - her maybe current maybe ex girlfriend, and you get what you get in that case. LESBIAN DRAMA, ICU. Mandy wasn't like, a creepy predator or something, but she certainly had an agenda to get in her pants - not some sort of relationship - I want to take you to Goa talk aside, I don't think she was that unobservant to know that Emily was completely and utterly emotionally unavailable and chose to stick around anyway, for a while at least. Obviously after being smacked she moved on to greener pastures and away from the Emily/Naomi tempest, the only intelligent decision anyone made this whole series! Yay!

Ok, so it seemed out of nowhere, but Naomi's confession was actually in response to the truth or dare type question JJ asked. Only she wasn't in the building yet so it ended up looking a bit random. Editing fail, lol.

I really really liked Naomi's speech in the context of the episode if not the scene, where it felt a little rushed. Like, after the phone call with her mother (beautifully shot, btw) and pulling Emily's shirt off the bed, Emily's suitcases packed to leave, she knew it was now or never to fix it. I think it was totally brilliant and heartbreaking acting on Lily's part, and she was naked (yay). I think her confession, finally sharing her emotions, which was all Emily ever wanted in the first place, was like the greatest way to man up and fix it, because she realized Emily couldn't or was too scared to try. She was brave, and being brave is what you do for the people you love - a change in the forever angry, wavering, scared Naomi we knew before. I dunno.. I think that's what I really liked about her confession at the end. Like, she was finally admitting to Emily that they were equal in their wanting to be with the other and had been the whole time. And Emily, who to her credit has always been looking for that one last piece from Naomi even when she didn't realize it, just shut up and kissed the girl. That look said everything - they were just starting openly at each other and starting again. Putting the shit behind them and growing up. That's actually a relationship that can work, not just teenage fairytale romance.

Although I'm not sure either of them needed to be hitting the bottle again so soon, lol.
jeskaajeskaa on March 20th, 2010 12:02 am (UTC)
Last little bit
The first time I watched it and the credits came on I was like, WTF grrrr.. rage! But I actually really quite like it now that I've thought it through. And, what I said on my own journal after I watched this for a second time last night - "I know lots of people are trying to pretend Skins Season 4 never happened, but this season we got Katie Fucking Fitch, Sophia jean shorts, Emily's increasingly cocky attitude and amazing hair, orange mopeds, goggles, Mrs. and Mrs. Campbell's, Mandy slapping, Panda songs, Keffy (it's so happening),the Fitch Family antics, Cook/Naomi friendship, "I think I was 12", and Freddie smacked with a baseball bat. What's not to love?!"

But ignoring it works too, I like my fairytale romance as much as the next girl. I just wanted to point out there were some fun times had.

It's not perfect, but it's what we've got to work with. I think the fandom is going to sink their teeth into all this and really only make me love it more as they pull all of this it apart and stitch it back together, but I can't say I'm totally devastated by the ingredients. Now you know, lol.
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [hills] heidi: OMG you guys OMGdoreah on March 20th, 2010 01:13 am (UTC)
Re: Last little bit
Dude. Way to make me read. My ADD is going mental right now, lol.

Be prepared for many notifications in your inbox cos I may have to reply in bits over time. :)

I will say. OMG I DON'T KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. *has an Effy-freakout and plasters "jeskaa!!" all over my wall of death!* I kid, I kid. Your name is actually in my fandom Stalker Locker.

Anyway, yeah, no doubt there were funtimes. But that is for part 2 of my post-4x08 wrap-up. Heh. I ran out of steam so this one is solely my "I HATE SKINS" post. The next shall be my "BUT NOT ALWAYS" part. ;)

I guess part of my dissatisfaction comes from knowing that Skins has done so much better in the past. This series just *wasn't* the same Skins they developed over the previous 3 series. And there's really no amount of Katie Fucking Fitch or Naomily love declarations that can change that. This was just lazy in terms of storytelling and motivations. It lacked serious cohesion throughout, and that was never really solved, even in the final episode, imo.

So, back to your points. I agree, I didn't mind that it wasn't all resolved. I didn't expect it to be wrapped up in a nice little bow and handed to us. But I found what they did chose to tie up to be far too bluntly handled. It was like "POW! Finished." (I'm thinking primarily of Thomas/Panda & Naomi/Emily -- and well, Freddie was merked with a blunt object literally, heh). And then on the flipside, Effy got zilch, which I was thoroughly pissed off about just because out of all of them, she deserved at least a semblance of SOMETHING. Like, even a one-sided convo saying "Yeah, Tony, I'll be home soon." *dies*

I thought Cook's ended fine, for him. (I'm really not fussed that we have no idea what happened.) And JJ's & Katie's were decent enough too. I liked them leaving Pandora's slightly open. Like does she tell Thomas she's going there too? Likely, but perhaps not. (Though overall I vote more Katie, but that's beside the point.)

I also agree that Emily really needed to be shown real-life. No doubt. But I do not think it needed to be done the way it was. It didn't feel like an organically-born storyline. It felt melodramatic. Naomi cheating never really was a huge roadblock for me though. It happens. That's life, and the sooner Emily got a dose of reality, the better. But everything surrounding it was so over-the-top. My issues surrounding the series generally are more the WAY certain events unfolded, and the methods to get to certain points (usually using highly-exaggerated contrivances) rather than complex storytelling and development (which I think is a symptom of the far too condensed time-frame they had to tell all the stories). Emily and Naomi are no exception to this for me.

(Especially since we've seen Skins do the cheating thing MULTIPLE times. I won't say who or when, but it was handled so much better in past seasons.)

But I dunno... I still think the entire development of Emily/Naomi's relationship (and breakdown of) was so poorly done/exposed. And, I guess I'm not a hopeless romantic any more, cos I just cannot see for the life of me how you can hurt someone you love for SO long... which, well, maybe that's why Naomi started to go heavy on the booze/drugs later in the series cos she couldn't handle it anymore (just like Emily couldn't seem to handle it near the beginning/mid-way point). Still, Emily had to have seen the effect she was having. And when Naomi just turned off and played happy family with Ems, it was coming down to her last defense... I guess, I just can't ever imagine hurting someone I love that much just to punish them for one, singular incident. My head doesn't wrap around the idea very well.

tbc... ;)
jeskaa: Lily - thumbs upjeskaa on March 20th, 2010 03:34 am (UTC)
Re: Last little bit
Lol. I like thinking too.. so thanks for thinking along with me. Ah ha ha! I am honored to be part of your Stalker Locker. And your hair is much nicer than Sophia's xD

Yes, yes, I'm sure that my opinion is colored by the fact that I have not yet made it through the first half of Series 1 and really have only Series 3 to compare our current season to. If the first Gen was as epic as everyone said it was, I'm sure that my disappointment in this current season would be far, far more severe. As it stands, I'm not saying that I loved the whole thing, or even most things about the current season - IA with everything you said about shoddy pacing, contrived plotlines, huge story holes and other general shittiness, but I didn't hate it. I just can't feel at this point like there would be anything that they could have really done at the end of this series to make me any less invested in the characters I fell in love with in Series 3. The incredible actors, the deep and conflicted characters, the beautiful shots and the thousand wonderful and hilarious details redeem it for me overall, or maybe I'm just a sucker for feeling pissed off week after week and shouting NEEDS MOAR NAOMILY at my computer.

Effy did get screwed, that's for certain. I'm a big fan, more now than I was at the end of season 3, because despite the strange places the writers made her go, Kaya rocked it each and every time. I think that's the case with this whole cast (well, perhaps save for Merv and occasionally Luke), that the acting did far more justice to the stories than they deserved. The end result was often mediocre when it should have been shit - but sometimes it was just magic.

Emily, Emily.. no, I do think we agree for the most part, although I am maybe not as harsh on her as I should be, perhaps because of all the characters on the show she reminds me a little of myself, and I can empathize with the way she reacts to things. TEAM NAOMI forever, though, and I think she became my favorite character by the end of the season. Her admission, her confession at the end that she really loved Emily all along really made her character for me, explained her extreme and sometimes contradictory behaviors in both seasons and made her character so much deeper. I didn't think I could fall in love with Naomi any more, but I totally did.

More on Emily in a sec.. lolol
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] naomi: pls don't hurt my baby :(doreah on March 20th, 2010 02:02 am (UTC)
Re: Last little bit
To tell you the truth, I don't understand Emily. I never have, and I've never really connected to her character much. I'm far too cynical. I just felt like Emily acted like a martyr crybaby all series, like she had absolutely nothing to be sorry for, and I got the feeling even at the end that she still didn't feel like she had really done anything wrong with that look to Naomi in the shed. (Even though she was equally guilty on all counts, especially if you consider her behaviour in the novel... minus the actual act of sex -- apparently.)

I guess maybe it was Kat's direction for the scene but ... I dunno. It bothered me. And it seemed like "Just give Emily what she wants (tix to Goa, Naomi to pour out her feelings, etc) and everything is hunky dory" which kind of just puts Emily's character right back at the beginning again with her unrealistic desires and stubborn persistence. It felt very one-sided in Emily's favour the whole time. There was nothing about what Naomi deserved in return. Which imo, was an apology at least for some (even minute) aspect of Emily's behaviour ALL YEAR.

(It's the timeline that really, really gets me. If the series had taken place over a few months, I likely would have none of these issues about the relationship progression/regression. While cheating's not a quick, easy thing to overcome, it also does not take that long with that much abuse (using the term loosely for lack of a better one).)

I didn't really see it as redemption so much as realisation on Emily's behalf. She finally realised that she didn't honestly want Mandy, or anyone else other than Naomi. But I don't see that as redemption. She didn't actually act on that epiphany at all -- that we saw. (Tho maybe that's why Naomi was nekkid in bed with Ems, hehe). She's equally as cowardly/lost as Naomi. Again, I think this boils down to more of an issue with editing and rushing storylines.

And she didn't really seem all that concerned with Naomi breaking up with her either which didn't help convince Emily was actually affected. So again, it comes down to creative decisions by the director/actors/editors/writers about what they were trying to get across.

All that said, I don't think Naomi is the epitome of maturity or grace in handling the conflict either. She's equally stupid. I didn't expect them to have a functional relationship either. (I mean, come on, they're 18. I don't think those two concepts are compatible.)

I just don't think the impetus to fix the relationship rested solely on Naomi like it was portrayed and that really annoyed me about the writing. And I don't think all the blame did either but I guess I never really felt like that was ever addressed properly. It was always "Bad Naomi, poor Emily." You never actually see any indication that Emily & Naomi were working on their trust issues, or forgiveness or any of that. All they did all series was mope and get wasted. But maybe that's cos that's all they wanted to show us (I'm lookin' at you, fucking deleted scene.) instead of actually giving us something concrete to show that they are not 100% miserable 100% of the time. That's why everything in 'Everyone' seemed to come out of the blue to me. There was no lead up.

I think Naomi's drunken ramble about being bad touched briefly on this issue of blame, but didn't really solve anything, or even move anything along. And was really saddening to me cos it just showed how beaten down she's been with it all, that she sees it as completely her fault STILL. (which doesn't make it any easier to get up the courage to face if the guilt just keeps getting piled on.)

I think it's all rather subjective however. It depends who you lean towards I think. I'm so heavily in Naomi-territory that I can't let Emily just get a free pass to a happy ending while Naomi makes all the sacrifices..


I'm so over-protective of Naomi its getting stupid.


Don't even get me started on how little Naomily ACTION we got. I just... *grumbles*
jeskaa: I see youjeskaa on March 20th, 2010 04:38 am (UTC)
Re: Last little bit
I kinda love how this is a serious debate, lol. I'm totally team Naomi too, but that also means being team Emily for me so despite her shitty behavior this season I will get the mop for her puddles of tears and see if I can provide a little insight into my favorite redhead.

I guess, I just can't ever imagine hurting someone I love that much just to punish them for one, singular incident. My head doesn't wrap around the idea very well.

See, I don't think it was just about the cheating, it was more that Naomi tore down her entire worldview and all the expectations Emily had for herself and the two of them and left her, I'm sure Emily felt, all alone and with absolutely nothing. As much as Naomi's struggle with accepting her sexuality was played pretty clearly, she really had a lot less to lose than Emily did in that department because we all know Gina would probably be more excited than anything at the thought of a gay daughter and Emily, we saw pretty clearly, was not accepted by her family, at least initially. Emily's bitchy behavior, even before she knew about the cheating, I think can be explained pretty clearly as a defense mechanism, to the point where she was clinging only onto Naomi as she kind of stepped off the cliff and said "this is who I am, I don't give a fuck if you like it" to her family, to her sister, to her friends and to the world at large which for her was a pretty damn big deal. Remember the shy little twin the first day of Roundview? The only way she overcame that, I think, was to maybe emulate Naomi a little bit and act the sarcastic bitch, but I'm thinking part of why Naomi's cheating was so devastating and yes, maybe something you don't get over even in a year, although I hate the timeline too, is that when she looked around and found Naomi had disappeared, at least for a little while, she dropped right off the cliff and barely survived the fall. Longest sentence ever, y/y? But hopefully you're still following.

I just felt like Emily acted like a martyr crybaby all series, like she had absolutely nothing to be sorry for, and I got the feeling even at the end that she still didn't feel like she had really done anything wrong with that look to Naomi in the shed.

She did cry too much, but KP is just so good at it. I admit, though, even I was getting a little sick of it. Remember my rant after JJ's ep? It was like, enough already. However, going back to my theory that Naomi got the blame for everything coming apart in Emily's world, not just the physical act of cheating, I think Emily had a lot to be sorry for. Was it unfair that Naomi got the blame for all that, of course, but that's what happens when you're young and in love and slightly obsessive and then you are slapped with an ice-cold bucket of someone disappointing you horribly. I think Emily's reaction was extreme, for sure, but has she ever been one to do things halfway? Her single minded pursuit of Naomi from the very first time we ever saw her (and before) was so much a part of her identity that when that was taken away, especially after Emily and Naomi had gotten together and she had invested even more of herself in the other girl, well, she didn't know who she was anymore. The sarcastic bitch thing never really settled into her bones and she spent the rest of the series trying to make the "I don't give a shit" stick and failing miserably.

I just watched that scene again and I didn't read Emily's reaction as "I'm in the right" I took it as, she and Naomi have had nothing but conflict for the past year and she was steeling herself for another 12 rounds of fight. I mean, she had no idea what Naomi was going to say to her, they were finally breaking up and Emily was moving out, and basically things were coming to a head and disintegrating completely. I would be wary too.

Oh, and I'm not done yet, lolol

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jeskaa: Happyjeskaa on March 20th, 2010 05:07 am (UTC)
Re: Last little bit
I'll shut up soon, I promise

And she didn't really seem all that concerned with Naomi breaking up with her either which didn't help convince Emily was actually affected.

I think she was terribly affected, just.. you couldn't tell because she wasn't crying, lolol. I think they had both kinda given up at that point. Frankly, between the drinking and the fighting and the headfucking each other for months, telling Ems to move out was the first actual step either of them had taken towards any kind of resolution since the "I'll do anything" which in reality, was "I'm just going to act even more afraid of you" Emily was angry, then frustrated, and at that point I'm sure, just hopeless. And probably hung over.

But here is some Emily crying for you to show you how much she cares xD

I promise I won't start visually illustrating this now, because it's getting ridiculous as it is..

I just don't think the impetus to fix the relationship rested solely on Naomi like it was portrayed and that really annoyed me about the writing.

But see, I think it kinda was. Not because it was all her fault, but because she was the only one who could. I just don't think Emily had it in her, or even knew how, to pick back up and make things right. In that case, Naomi had to act - and did so beautifully, finally showing Emily that the trust Emily had placed in her wasn't a stupid decision in the first place. I think Naomi had to act, had to be the brave one, because Emily had been the brave one before, had been exceedingly forgiving in the face of a thousand slights and heartbreaks until they finally got together. This wounded and confused Emily just didn't have that kind of resilience anymore, it wasn't only Naomi who crushed it out of her, it was life, and if Naomi didn't step up and grab her away from the edge it was going to be all over. That's why the "since I was twelve" line just made that story for me, because by Naomi putting her heart out there, in front of everyone, Emily could finally find her way back not only to Naomi but to herself again. The fact that both of them were horribly incomplete without the other their whole lives is just the stuff of epic love stories. And Naomi is definitely the hero in this one.

Ok one more and then I'll promise I'll stop, lol

"Just give Emily what she wants (tix to Goa, Naomi to pour out her feelings, etc) and everything is hunky dory" which kind of just puts Emily's character right back at the beginning again with her unrealistic desires and stubborn persistence.

I think they're on an even footing now, with Naomi not holding back and therefore Emily not clinging to her so desperately, and I think what I got from the ending was that it was going to be much more mutual now. Both of them have lived the consequences of not really seeing the other person in front of them, just the person they wanted to see, and I don't see either of them making that mistake again. I have no doubt that when their mouths are not otherwise occupied with each other's other parts, they're never going to shut up about their feelings and wants and really work hard at their relationship. They both know how quickly it all goes to shit otherwise. Also, sex.

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Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] emily: needs a hugdoreah on March 20th, 2010 05:52 am (UTC)
Re: Last little bit
Thanks a lot, bb. I was just about go sleepytime. BUT i have to say...

Emily was angry, then frustrated, and at that point I'm sure, just hopeless. And probably hung over.

Truth. I certainly wouldn't have the energy to emote excessively when hungover. (I just think Naomi should have kicked Emily out ages ago, lol. This may have been solved way sooner. Distance, fond hearts, Big Yellow Taxi, and all that.)

Not because it was all her fault, but because she was the only one who could.
I like that. I mean, I've been there when you just... ~can't anymore. And you think "Fuck it, it's your turn to show me for once." But I dunno, I give in too easily I guess, and purposely provoke a response in order to get that. (Unless I just give up completely and end it). Usually by being incredibly rude and nasty, but still, I can see it clearer now that you put it like that. And plus, you called Naomi the hero which makes me all squishy inside. :)

I think they're on an even footing now,
I can see that more emotionally, but I still think it's uneven in the sense that what Emily wants, Emily gets... regardless. She still seems like she hasn't entirely learnt that you don't always get what you want, cos in the end, she's always got it, even if it took a lot of hurt/effort to get there. Which I suppose in some sense is admirable... I don't agree with her ~methods tho. ;)

I personally would love if Emily let Naomi go to university (at least for a year/semester to try it) instead of regaling her into yet another flight of fancy around the world. Tho, I can see how it's not entirely fair on Emily cos she (as far as we know) isn't going to uni so what's she supposed to do? Follow Naomi around? *sigh* Rock, meet hard place. Or you know, if she just let Naomi decide without fear/guilt/etc what she really wants to do. If it turns out Goa, then so be it. Everyone's happy.

(Just one thing, when did it turn from Mexico to Goa? LOL. I never quite understood that. Obviously it was a conversation we never saw...Pretty irrelevant detail but still. I was like "Where?")

BUT WHATEVER. It's not like it matters cos we'll never get to see it anyway.

I do however very much appreciate you ending the comment with "sex". THIS IS TRUE. They should never stop the sexing.

I'm pretty firmly entrenched in the "UGH EMILY STFU!" club at the moment and it's really hard to crawl out of it. I'm trying though, cos I enjoyed Emily up to a point this series then I just lost it. (Partly I think due to being bored with the conflict cos it was exactly the same ALL series long. I think I got frustrated that they were both such lazy douches.) But I'll try, and your complimentary perspective helps me not hate Emily quite as much. Still bitter about things, but that's for another time.

I really must sleep & gather my thoughts, and then tomorrow I'll head on into the other comments which are nice and juicy! ;D
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] emily: needs a hugdoreah on March 20th, 2010 06:47 pm (UTC)
Re: Last little bit
I is done sleep! :D

I don't think it was just about the cheating, it was more that Naomi tore down her entire worldview and all the expectations Emily had for herself and the two of them and left her, I'm sure Emily felt, all alone and with absolutely nothing.

Oh, I see that. For sure. (I actually wrote a fic that described it similarly, heh). But I don't think the show itself explored that correctly. At JJ's episode it was still about (not) trusting Naomi. And I can see why Emily is so resentful & broken about her entire existence being torn down, but on the same hand, I don't really see that as 100% Naomi's fault (the way it was presented on-screen), and it's not something Naomi can fix either, though the entire series we're made to believe that Naomi has to bear the responsibility for everything. That's up to Emily. It was her own naivety that caused it to be such a big deal. (Which is why I think perhaps the Gen1 dealt with this issue better, since none of them had the same blind faith in fairytales & the good in people.) I have no doubt Emily put Naomi/love/life on a pedestal and it was only a matter of time before it all crashed down around her (& she learnt a hard lesson). But like, I said, I don't think the overwhelming impact of that is totally Naomi's blame. It's Emily's for being naive, and I think perhaps that's why Naomi didn't/couldn't do anything for so long... cos really, she can't fix that for Emily. She can apologise for the initial trigger (the cheating) but she can't do the rest as easily cos it's about Emily's worldview and her own acceptance of reality.

I dunno, this is my issue. The fact we're even talking about this in so much detail, and pretty much making assumptions/speculating on characters so much is where the show failed. I mean, I don't like to be whacked over the head with ~meaning and ~exposition. But I think they slipped up by implying the reason for Naomi/Emily's conflict carrying on for so long was due to trust issues/cheating when it was (and I agree with you) was far more about Emily's world becoming empty and meaningless in the absence of her perfect vision.

I really resent them dragging it out for so long. Cos, no, I don't think someone cheating on you ~once at 17/18 is that big a deal or would take that long to overcome/forgive. But when taking into account the other reason for Emily's behaviour, it makes a little more sense. But that's also why I don't completely buy their happy ending. I didn't see Emily's worldview being repaired, or ~renovated (perhaps would be more apt). It was just like... I don't even know anymore. I didn't completely buy the reconciliation. It was far too easy, especially after a year of shit. (I think they could have handled the whole thing far better had they not been obsessed with creating conflict drama for the entire series based on just that. I feel it would have been more organic to explore Emily coming into her own, and recognising life isn't roses and sunshine, and accepting that instead of stomping around, frowning and crying the entire time, like a toddler who got their toys taken away. The conflict would still be there, but there would be character movement.

Again, tho, for the millionth time, this disconnect from what I think we agree was the real motivation behind Emily's breakdown and what was actually shown on TV is my issue. It was just dragged out far too long and focussed too heavily on Naomi being in the "wrong", since it wasn't really about the one-night stand deep down. That was merely a catalyst. Some effort on Emily's behalf would have been nice (after 4x04 cos up to that point I totally understood Emily's reactions, and empathized to some degree. It was JJ's ep that made me bitter.)
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] naomi: falteringdoreah on March 20th, 2010 06:59 pm (UTC)
Re: Last little bit
It all felt pointless by 4x08. And partly cos I don't understand the point of Mandy (other than to be an antagonist/catalyst/provocateur to the BIG EPIPHANY). I just think Emily's journey could have been done without that, had they had more time to explore it. In the context of an 8 episode series, I can sort of see why they needed a distinct person to do that, but I don't think Mandy was necessary at all for either Naomi or Emily to have any realisation.

So while I see where Emily would blame entirely Naomi for the entire world crashing down, I just felt like the viewers were supposed to take that stance as well. Didn't appreciate that.

Remember my rant after JJ's ep?
Heehee. Yes. If I never have to see KP cry again it'll be too soon, tbh. *yawn*

ANYWAY. I think getting down to bare bones, it's not really that I have an issue with Emily's behaviour, or Naomily, but more the way it was presented onscreen. Yanno? I just feel there was a chasm between what was really going and what we saw. I'm bitter about that. I'm bitter about the lack of exploration about the real things happening in the relationship, the way it dragged on FAR too long and the way we were supposed to believe it was for other, more simplistic reasons (cos while you and I and some others see the deeper issues, I don't think it was properly presented to the general audience that doesn't pick apart things, hehe). I'm bitter that I didn't actually see Emily really pony up and face things, and apologise. But that actually is a personal gripe that I'm hung up on, haha. (Without going into personal issues, I'm sure there's some aspect of my own life experiences that I'm channelling in my reaction to Emily, and it's colouring it slightly...)

I wanted more journey, less ... random crying. ;)

IN SHORT (finally), my main issue is the way the Skins team handled Naomi & Emily in terms of storytelling, not so much the actual characters or endgames. Though I would have liked evidence that Emily really, truly learnt her lesson (which, for all intents and purposes I will believe happened, but I just didn't see it onscreen the way I wanted to.) The path they took all series to get to 4x08 was flawed. That's really the crux the matter for me. It was too drawn out all series with zero development, then everything was squished together and rushed far too quickly in 4x08. It left me ... ultimately unsatisfied. Though (timorously) happy. Oddly enough.

So, mine is more of a technical, developmental & logistical issue rather than an overall thematic one. I liked where they went, I liked what the underlying aim was. I didn't like ~how it was shown or the path they took to get there.

But hey, that's what the film is for! :D
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] naomi: falteringdoreah on March 20th, 2010 02:23 am (UTC)
Re: Pt 2
I think the Goldsmith's thing was in reference to Sophia?
Yeah, I got that too (which is my other WTF about choosing that uni) cos.... holy self-loathing, Naomi. *tear*

I don't feel bad for Mandy, not really.
Oh, I don't feel bad for her either but I still don't think it was a smooth move for Emily to use her that way. I don't think Mandy was totally ruled by her vag. Cos she made that comment that she would have slept with Emily if Emily hadn't been so wrecked.

Naomi's confession was actually in response to the truth or dare type question JJ asked.
REALLY? LMAO. Now, that would make more sense. What shit editing though. To me it was just WALK IN. DECLARE LOVE. So random. ;)

It's just little mistakes like that which would have improved the episode (technically at least) for me.

But ignoring it works too, I like my fairytale romance as much as the next girl.
Yeah, it's obviously not really possible to say it never happened. And tbh, I never ever wanted a fairytale. I'm not a huge fan of those. I just wanted... depth. A connection. Emotional investment that felt was appreciated. I just felt the entire series skimmed the surface and relied far too heavily on very obvious devices in order to further the story and never really delved into the characters themselves, or the relationships. They just left that up to the fans to decide. Which sometimes is good, sometimes is very bad. And for me, I obviously don't see eye-to-eye with the writers so I felt alienated from the series cos the motivations and such that I attributed to the characters I thought worked well... but they weren't exaggerated enough to fit in completely. And I was left asking "But why?" more than I think I should have. Not to mention, I felt played by the way they handled Naomily. Just like they did everything they could to make it as horrible and clunky as possible. Tho it seems fans of everyone feel fucked over. (I'm gutted about what they've done to Effy too.)

We didn't get anything in retrospect, other than a few choice scenes. A lot of broken (imaginary?) promises.




I must say, I really really love your massive comments. :) I like thinking, and I think deep down we agree about a lot of it, I maybe didn't word things entirely clearly (despite using so many words. Ironic, heh). (just maybe not our perspectives on Emily, hehe. TEAM NAOMI 4EVA AND WITHOUT SURRENDER. No doubt I'll watch things again and likely understand/sympathise slightly more with Emily... But it'll take time.)

xx ♥
salmon, like the fish.: nomio clappingkittko on March 20th, 2010 01:54 am (UTC)
thank you for your ~epic post, it sums up the series perfectly.
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] lily: rawr!doreah on March 21st, 2010 06:17 pm (UTC)
Hee, thanks. (I love your icon!)
panthomimpanthomim on March 21st, 2010 04:06 am (UTC)
I believe I've never posted on your lj before so..hello there!

- epic post & comments! I'm gonna miss your reviews even more than s4 lol

- team naomi forever! sadly I knew this season was doomed the second they decided to give an ep to thomas over naomi, epic fail ¬¬

- on emily: I believe her behavior wasn't approached correctly, as you and jeskaa said. The cheating turned her world upside down cause she chose naomi over everybody else and believed she was living in a f*cking fairy tale, so when shit went down the only one who stood around to take the blame was naomikins.. poor naomi T_T

- dunno what they were thinking about giving effy no closure at all, really not cool guys!

finally, I just wanted to say that i'm a big fan of your fics, they have everything that is missing in skins: plot, continuity, cohesion, respect for the characters etc

thanks for everything <3

ps: how do you feel about a possible movie?

Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] megan: swagga like usdoreah on March 21st, 2010 06:16 pm (UTC)

Haha, I dunno what I'm gonna do when I don't have Skins to get irrationally angry about and procrastinate with. *sigh*

Yeah, I just think the writers, etc dropped the ball completely with Emily. Which is unfortunate, and handing me rushed, half-assed scraps in the finale isn't really going to change the long, slow path they dragged her character along during the series. Poor handling.

Aw, thank you so much! I'm so happy when people say that about my fics, cos I try pretty hard ;D

OOOH. The film... Errm... Well, I have mixed feelings about it. On the one hand, I'm excited to see the Gen2 cast again and see what Effy's been up to (SO MUCH! I can't even...), how Freddie's death was taken, happy!Naomily, etc... But on the other hand, I never thought they would fuck up S4 as bad as they did so I'm hesitant about having faith in a film. It's a lot of characters to fit into 1.5 hours. It has the potential to sort of fix the mess that was S4, but it could also make it worse, lol. I dunno, I'm like Emily. I'm running on empty when it comes to trusting Skins.

But another thing is that I liked how Gen1 ended. I don't think I want to see them fuck with that, yanno? It was a good ending for them, IMO. (I'm also not a Sid/Cassie fan so I didn't mind how ambiguous their ending was, lol). Open, but not too open. I'm concerned about bringing Gen1 and altering that. But I would love to see the Stonems all together again.

And without Chris or Freddie I find it a weird idea. While Freddie isn't a well-loved character online, Luke is super popular. And Chris was one of my fav from Gen1, so it's... I dunno.

I'm both apprehensive and excited. And I think I'll need to see the cast list/plot summary to make any sort of real judgement.
an idea is bulletproof: Dr. Horrible - Hammernesselizalavelle on March 21st, 2010 03:53 pm (UTC)
I will disagree with the Thomas thing because his story was only there to really help tell Pandora's story and in that was he was needed.... BUT we could have scrapped his whole episodes, made it Pandora's episode and still had him cheat in it but we could have got that bit with her dad which would have explained the History thing.

But yes, her being secretly a genius no. I would have bought it had they gone the savant route but that would have taken actual planning.

Karen is so the link to the next series. She can be all troubled because her brother is dead.

Naomi had great early morning drugs, she was so happy and ready to cook, literally, I feel I need those every morning!

Cook would be right back in jail after his vengance killing... so not worth it. I shall imagine he knocks the doctor out, calls the police and lets them handle it and does his time for punching the guy in the face... and his fake crime of murder is forgotten.

Noddy reference for the win!

Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [boston legal] i win at lifedoreah on March 21st, 2010 06:04 pm (UTC)
You think the Thomas running was useful? IRRELEVANT RUNNING IS IRRELEVANT. ;) I just think the whole Panda/Thomas thing was done with episodes ago. I don't think it helped Panda's story at all. And I really don't think if that was the sole purpose of including Thomas, that his 5 minutes of screen time running around and talking about running was necessary. Like I can see that if they wanted to get Tommo and Panda back together, they needed the Katie/Thomo bit, but the running wasn't needed. But I'm biased cos I don't like Thomas at all. I mean, I didn't even think he needed any closure whatsoever cos he's been pretty non-existent since his episode anyway. He literally has only been around to kiss Katie, BBQ some meat, and be BFFs with JJ. He's been useless plot development-wise. Panda needed more screentime instead.

Yeah, see a savant would have been different, but there was zip to indicate that ever ;)

I think you may be right about Karen. They've definitely young-ified her. Maybe they'll hope no one remembers she was actually older. Cos Karen in S4 was way younger seeming than Karen in S3. Especially in 4x08.

THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT I WANT WITH COOK. WAY TO READ MY MIND GURL. I don't want him to kill the doc either cos Cook's revenge killing just ruins the character completely for me. And if he ever wants a future he has to go back to prison, otherwise he'll always be on the lam. (OMG. VM flashback... Sheriff Lamb... *sigh*)

an idea is bulletproof: BtVS Willow resolve faceelizalavelle on March 21st, 2010 07:46 pm (UTC)
I think they needed to find a reason to send him to Harvard... they found a thin one but it sort of works... but the running thing could have been happening in the background (as opposed to him standing around uselessly in other past episodes) then that wouldn't have needed to be in this last episode but it could have still finished their plot. I don't like them together but the show has been leading that way for much of the season I think.

VM... another show that declined quickly :(
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] cook&naomi: a true friend neverdoreah on March 22nd, 2010 12:41 am (UTC)
Well... they chose an imaginary reason to send him to Harvard anyway, lol. As far as I know, no such scholarship exists, especially to someone who hasn't completed high school, haha. They could have made up anything at this point, like... family vacay with the sick brother for ~experimental treatment or something. At least that would have been moderately in the realm of continuity. The running came out of left field. I mean, had they addressed his ~talents at any point in the series it would have made a modicum more sense.... LOL. And yeah, then they wouldn't have had to waste valuable screentime on him in the finale :)

I just.... It's like they hired Rob Thomas to ghostwrite for them. Oh wait, there was no anal rape. Guess it wasn't Rob Thomas after all...

Get in loser, we're going Incepting: Effylaughskikiblues on March 28th, 2010 09:59 pm (UTC)
Effy Who? Oh, you mean Angela from My So-Called Life? Hey, Effy, the 90s called. They want their terrible fashion back.

FUCK YES!!! LMFAO- you are so so so right- I KNEW I recognized that damn shirt!