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18 January 2011 @ 05:18 pm
SKINS CANADA: series 1, episode 1  
See what I did there. It's because it's true.

Now, it's gonna take a few weeks to get back in the swing of this. I'm not going to take the X-Factor judges out for a walk yet. I'll save that for when I have stronger opinions, and more time. (Time management is killing me a bit right now, tbh.) We're gonna do this the old fashioned way.

I think I'll start this off with a few overall things I feel I need to address.

1. Don't get on my tits about this. Do not call me a "hater". FFS, I'll backhand you harder than US Michelle ever could. There is a distinct difference between critiquing and criticising something, and hating on it. For me, the latter is based purely on ill/misinformed, knee-jerk kind of reactions to things you've not bothered to understand, and have not even attempted to look at positively. It may be a surprise to many, but someone can say, "I didn't like it" and, OMG, NOT be hating. There are these things called opinions, and everyone has them. If they've taken the time to give something a chance, and then it turns out that even despite that, they still didn't like it, that's not "hating".

All the fans that are humping MTV!Skins legs these days need to chill as much as the haters, cos they're just acting like haters of a different kind themselves, imo. Except instead of hating on a TV show, they're hating on other people. Remember way back when 99% of fandom was shitting on this remake and you all started going "OMG! It's just an opinion! Respect our opinions!!!" Guess what? You have to do the same now. There will be people who didn't see it like you did. There will be people who disagree. There will be people who say things you don't like to hear about your precious show. Respect THEIR opinions the same way you went around telling everyone else to do with yours when they were in the minority. And, you know what, I too was one of these fans who pleaded with people to just relax, stop hating and not tell others off for simply having a different opinion.

And, yeah, I still stand by that. I don't mind reading criticisms of the show. I don't mind people not liking it. Shit happens. I especially don't have a problem when people have actual, you know, REASONS for not liking it. IMO, this is not "hating". This is criticism.

Sure, there are still haters out there that will just spout shit out their asses/mouths for the sake of it, or cos they're legit stupid, or cos they're lazy, or any host of reasons people choose to hate. But not everyone with a negative opinion is a hater.

Just had to get that off my chest.

2. I understand this was a pilot. I understand that by and large pilots are generally pretty bad. (Though I don't really understand why...) I have very, very rarely thoroughly enjoyed a pilot of any dramatic TV show. I could prolly count them on one hand. (Grey's, Shameless, The OC, This is Wonderland.... Hmmm... The X-Files? Doesn't matter anyway.) Also, I did not like the UK pilot much either. I never considered the first 3 episodes of S1 to be very strong tbh. It takes a while for a show to hit its stride. I get all that, and what you will see here DOES take all this into consideration. Despite my #1 in this list, this will not be a giant ball of negativity post. Not at all. I rate it a solid C, it wasn't terrible, it wasn't excellent. And I'm merely going to outline WHY I feel this way. There is room for improvement and I'm hopeful that we'll see it.

3. Hmm. I swear I had a 3rd thing. But I don't remember now.

OH WAIT. I will say, on initial viewing I got tipsy, as per the drinking game of "Watch Jersey Shore and drink everytime you see an advert or pop-up for Skins then drink everytime something happens on Skins that is the same as the UK version." It was a good night and made the episode VERY enjoyable. It's the sober rewatch I'll be basing this on tho.


I'm not going to go scene by scene at this time. I just don't have time. I've got class soon and maybe that's a blessing cos I'm forced to be brief. So: the GOOD, the BAD, the WEIRD, and the INTERESTING.

Let's start with the GOOD THINGS. The PROS if you will.

1. TORONTO. Of course I liked this. This obviously Canadian programme, lol. I'm lame like that. I love recognising locations.

2. Eura. She's a hot mess, and apparently the only smart kid in the whole group cos she, like, wears a coat in winter time. It's impossible to judge her much considering she didn't speak.

3. THE MUSIC. I was a little doubtful about it cos, well, I hate Sleigh Bells and Skins seems rather obsessed with them. And let's not talk about how horrible FXFeldman's Jonsi review was (and what lack of musical understanding that portrayed). I didn't think that would bode well for what we would hear. I've found his tumblr blogs about music hit or miss. However... Animal Collective? excellent choice. And from then on, ALL the music choices were pretty spot on. A nice mix, tho imo, it sounded a little fanmix-ish. If that's even a thing. There were some stand out tracks, and the presence of Segal was just brilliant. And the Jokers track/scene was TIGHT (but then again i'm a sucker for electro bangers, so major bias lol). I would go so far as to give the music alone an A-. Not an A or A+, but very good regardless. I was impressed, and let's hope they keep it up. My only issue is that it's a little try hard. While the songs are good, you don't need to be SUCH indie snots and purposely choose obscure shit no one has heard of for EVERY track. A lot of those were unfamiliar to even me, and I feel like I'm moderately well-versed. I can't imagine the general target audience knows ANY of it tho (except AC). I feel like UK!Skins did an excellent job of balancing rare and obscure music with slightly more accessible tracks.

4. Speaking of music, Tony's singing goes into the GOOD category, believe it or not. I thought that whole scene was HILARIOUS. I have a feeling tho it wasn't meant to be quite as amusing as I found it. Literally, during my drunk viewing, I was laughing so hard I cried. No word of a lie. I still giggle when it happens. Don't ask me why. It is just beyond entertaining to me.

5. The drug dealer. FINALLY a dealer on Skins that actually LOOKS like one. And acts like one. I thought the Mad Twatter was one of the STUPIDEST characters/plots ever in Skins and I'm SO glad they ditched him for this guy. This one is BELIEVABLE imo. He's exactly the kind of creep I could find to sell me crack at the Coffee Time near my house. (Just as a note: Don't ask me where this drug-packed Coffee Time is. Truth is, there was a bust and now they don't do business there. The smack-dealing hooker has also left the area.) And also note I said "could" not "would". I don't buy crack. I'm just given it for free, lol. But I digress, this dude was creepy and realistic imo. Except for the fact he works out of an Oakville suburb. Meh.

6. Michelle being taller than Tony most of the time. I like it. Shut up. It's cute.

7. Tony's spider duvet. I see a lot of shit talk about how it's not as cool. It IS cool, losers. You just don't understand spider symbolism. It's more meta, imo than UK!Tony. I posted at least 3 times now educating people about the spider. Let's just say spiders: -weaver of fate, creator, trickster. If you don't know how Tony is any of those things, well. I dunno. I'm not going to explain it right now.

8. Michelle's wardrobe. I like how she's a classier Effy S3. SERIOUSLY. See what she wore to that party (hoodie aside)? In this vein, Rachel Thevenard's face was very pleasing to me. She's jail bait tho and it was completely unfair to show us that feeling herself up bit lol. It just makes me feel pervy and dirty. I suppose tho, that's kind of the point. But this is a whole other issue I'll get to in the INTERESTING section of my rant.

9. Cadie. Everything about Cadie. Britne is not only one of the more talented of the cast (I may go so far as to say she IS the best actor out of the lot), but she's beautiful and the character of Cadie is perfect. Okay, maybe not PERFECT. But she's very, very good. She is everything I liked about Cassie, and everything I hated about Cassie isn't there! She's dark and hilarious and ... UGH. I can't even explain it properly. Britne's delivery of Cadie's lines, just YES. her expressions YES. It's lost that breathy Cassieness, and replaced it with this sort of... I don't even know. I wouldn't say menace, but it's a coldness and like, actual flair. She's fucking brilliant. Two moments that stand out in this regard are after the SUV goes into the water and when she pops up behind Stanley outside the party with just that "Hi." BRILLIANT. I find her character so full of potential.

10. So let's talk acting for a moment: Best actors imo. Britne, Daniel and Camille. Most every line was delivered well with enough range of tone and facial emotiveness. I thought Camille pulled off a good Daisy/Jal. (I was surprised they had her going to the party). I think Dan was good the majority of the time and seemed to play off Britne better than the weaker actors (but that's how it goes, right?).

11. "TOO URBAN, TOO URBAN!" Nuff said.

12. Daisy and Tea being HBICs during the fight/party. Michelle was pretty decent too. Her scream at Tony while flipping the chick over the sofa was ace.

13. Michelle yanking on Cadie's hair. OMG LOL.


1. *sigh* The acting of everyone else. I get it, they're newbies. They're not going to be spectacular. But there was a serious lack of charisma, imo. I think it's possible to be a mediocre actor and still have charisma tho. I felt like the dialogue didn't help matters (I mean, what fucking teenagers were THEY consulting with that speak like that?). I feel like the weakest actors were Rachel, Sofia and Ron. AND THE ADULTS. tbh, the terrible acting from the adults overshadowed weak acting by the young ones. God it was atrocious. And they have NO excuse being adults, and assuming this isn't their first gig ever. The adults were horrible over-acting, and the kids weren't acting enough. It was almost, no it WAS cringe-worthy at times. I feel like they're trying too hard to be something they're not. It's so disingenuous. And as a result of not either being comfortable or invested, they come off flat and uninspired.

But, I'm allowing leeway for the kids here cos I'm sure they'll improve. That's the silver lining. They need to stop trying to force it. I found Rachel's take on Michelle... *sigh* You all know Michelle is my fav so she's obvs going to be held to a higher/different standard than the rest of the cast but I felt Rachel wasn't really sure what to do with the role. She goes for it, I'll give her that, but never quite pulls off the "fiery" aspect of Michelle that I thought they were trying to keep (I understand this is US Michelle not UK, but the general characters are supposed to be vaguely similar). She really reminded me more of Marissa Cooper, in some way. She had this obvious vulnerability and sweetness that I don't think came across so blatantly in UK!Michelle, but I think that façade that UK!Michelle had overtop of what I would argue is equal vulnerability and sweetness is what made her a character with depth, and made her really interesting to me. I feel like new Michelle is more superficial in that way. Like we're being given this soft side right off the bat for some reason. (Okay, IKIK, a lot of people hated UK!Michelle cos she was a "bitch" -- which she wasn't, btw and I guess they didn't want to fall into that trap again. But really, I don't really dig these sort of gentle, fragile girls. But I have more to say about the character of Michelle in the INTERESTING section. This is supposed to be about the acting). I think it's just that she needs more OOMPF. She's very soft-spoken, but I have seen her pull out the big guns (like at the end of her character trailer) so she CAN do it; it's just a matter of how long we have to wait for it to come out on-screen. She's beautiful, and she has a lot of great facial expressions. It's just she needs to match up her dialogue delivery with that. I'm sure she will. In fact, I know she will. Positive thinking! And I'm sure Sofia improves too, based even on what we've seen.

This is what gives me hope. Rachel played this scene WELL. She exchanged UK!Michelle's flippant, confident incredulity for reluctance, suspicion and bemused disbelief. If that distinction makes sense. It was subtle yet effective. If she plays Michelle like this, I don't really see a need to soften the character to make her "more likable" cos this kind of execution would portray the character well... just imo. SO, i think that proves that Rachel's got IT, that spark, the fire necessary for Michelle, but just has to work on not softening/deadening the delivery of her (sometimes terrible) dialogue.

Just omg. I didn't much care for Angie, but Tina is going to drive me up the fucking wall. She's an "adult". She SHOULD be a better actor. There's no excuse. Fuck, they could have hired me (I can pull off "adult") and I could have done it. Ok, maybe not, cos crying on camera is not my thang. (Not like certain British redheads...)

I found both James and Jesse tolerable. I don't think they were GREAT, but I don't think they were awful either. I thought James really sold it a few times, keeping in mind he's not supposed to be UK!Tony. And honestly, I find James so much more attractive than Nick. NGL.

2. Cultural translation issues.
a) Who the fuck has mailboxes in the downtown core?
b) Things I've never heard ever: "spliffed up", "skins" or "reckon". Maybe I'm too old, but we say things like "baked", "high", "fucked", "faded", "blazed", "papers", "wraps", and "think".
c) No one here listens to drum and bass. Sorry. That's like saying we're going to listen to garage or funky-house. These things are such niches over here. The general populace doesn't listen to 'em. Especially not young rich kids. Trust me. They listen to the shittiest tunes ever, and it always boggles my mind when they tell me they like something decent. (Also, there was no DnB at that party. The Segal track was the KIND of music I'd expect to hear. However, if it's not on MTV or something, a lot my friends wouldn't know it). Tabitha's little invitation to Tony was bunk.
d) Why aren't they wearing jackets? It's winter. While it seemed like UK Skins only took place in the summer/fall (cos that's when it's filmed), here in North America, when it's snowing, you generally wear a coat. The only time I don't is when I'm really really smashed and don't feel like I need it.
e) A lot of the slang tbh. The sexual euphemisms were both hilarious and terrible. I can't decide which. I did enjoy "So clitoral". I may just adopt that. This whole "golly gee" and "doo doo" thing they had going on was really weird. And bad.
f) The dancing. I was actually at house party last weekend and music was blasting and no one was dancing except me (yelling for more Ke$ha!!!) and some Mexicans, and I had a convo with them about how they hate that no one dances at house parties in Canada/US. They didn't understand it. I mean dancing does happen, but it's never like that. I never understood that about TV teens. (In this sense, I feel like the reverse trailer was far more accurate in a portrayal of a house party here).

3. The flow. It felt choppy. Maybe cos they cut out bits and put in different ones. I'm not sure. Something was just off about that. This isn't to say I didn't enjoy the original scenes -- thinking primarily of the chris/tea/daisy/abbud ones, but it was a little off-balance I thought.

So, see? Only 3 bad, and 13 good. There are things that bothered me overall about the ~tone and ~feel of the show itself, but they're hard to put into words at the moment. When I feel more focused, I may attempt it. Oh wait, I have another banal complaint.

4. The extras looked 50-years-old. I'm sorry. I get that you need a certain number of ACTRA extras and these "professional background performers" are older but for fucks sake, do they HAVE to look 30? just give me a call, i'll do it for free and i don't look like a 30 year old. so bonus.

5. The titles suck. I like the visuals, yes. I loathe the song. By which I mean, I don't mind the song by itself. I hate it as a theme. Seeing it along with the visuals did not improve my opinion. On that note, everytime I hear it, I feel like saying "STARSCREEEAAAMMMM!" just to remind myself how awesome it could have been. Fuck this Lina Magic shit.

6. MTV bleeping shit. It's too bad someone didn't rip the TMN version instead. Apparently it's uncensored so our downloads wouldn't have the bleeps.


1. I think one of the chicks in the party scene was a friend of my sister's in high-school. But I can't really ask her "Hey is that your weird-looking friend from school?"

2. Referring to the name of the show. As I said earlier, no one I've ever met that isn't influenced by British TV refer to rollies as skins. Usually it's Zigs, papers, wraps. But none of those would make a good TV show name. I think however, they should have just left it with papers instead. Let kids think what they want about the meaning of the name of the programme, you know?

3. The locations. I know I said I liked them, but I also find them weird. And I feel sorry for the cast that had to go into that disgusting lake Ontario water. You see in the background of that scene? THAT IS A NATURAL GAS PLANT. And right near it is an abandoned coal/natural gas plant. (and by plant i mean it generates electricity from those things, not makes them.) also nearby? the waste water treatment plant. All in all, those kids are swimming in a CESSPOOL. ugh. tho, it's prolly just as bad as Bristol Harbour... I also like the rich kid house that looked like Casa Loma. i assume it's some Bridal Path/Post Rd/Oakville deal. Looked like Casa Loma to me tho lol.

4. OMG that convo Tony had with her on the phone. MAGIC RABBIT. I think it's just a LITTLE weird that 16 year olds are using vibrators, mutually. Isn't it? I guess Michelle can't claim Tony never made her cum this time around... altho I suppose it's not ~really him. Thought it was funny if a little weird. I love James in that scene.

5. I didn't feel like Stanley was all that interested in losing his viginity. He just never seemed to be excited about it, not like Sid was at any rate. He's just kind of a cool guy... A little weird for me. Don't mind it, it's different and I like different.

1. Michelle. Of course I'm never going to stop talking about her. I felt she was interesting because of the change in direction/change of portrayal of her. I feel like other reviewers have it totally wrong when they say she's the least changed character from the UK version. I found her really different.

I found her sad.

It made me sad for her. After she tosses her hoodie to Stan and starts that jail bait sexy tit-touching dance, I didn't feel like she was ANYTHING like UK michelle. It was sad to watch. Like kind of desperate? Something UK Michelle never was imo, at least not on the surface. UK!Michelle had a lot more outward confidence (even if she's completely insecure on the inside). Like this Michelle was just SO objectified it hurts. (Ironically I feel like fandom itself has done this to Michelle/Rachel. In fact, I feel like Skins itself does that to Rachel. Does her bra need to be showing ALL the time for people to like her? Makes me sad also cos I feel like she's much more than just tits and a pretty face. She's a sweetheart). Anyway, back to Michelle... This whole ... GUH. It hurts my heart. (Not in a OMG I HATE IT kinda of way. Just in an empathetic way.)

I get it Michelle's ~sexy. But sometimes I feel like Skins is pushing her more like they're her pimp than anything else. I think there's a difference between that and just flaunting what someone has. Maybe I'm just being sensitive cos of my hurty heart but this IN YOUR FACE SEX APPEAL thing is just not for me. Michelle's inherently gorgeous, she doesn't need to be used like a sex toy. That's all I'm saying. I understand that's part of the whole dynamic with Tony, and it's pretty much the basis of the character herself, but she feels to me like a sad soul too. Her and Cadie both. Like she has no self-perceived worth beyond being sexy, which is BANG ON to UK!Michelle, but I never really felt the same kind of hopelessness with UK!Michelle. I think hopelessness isn't the right word but I'm rushing here. UK Michelle kind of just oozed sex appeal without trying too hard, imo. (The character herself was different but just the way her energy came across on-screen i'm talking about here.) Rachel's sad eyes when she's doing her walk/dancing for Tony... *sigh* I just want to hug her... and hook her up with someone else. Not Tea. Not Tony. Not Stan. I dunno even what I'm saying lol. I'm getting all muddled up with my logic and ~feelings... I have such a gooey soft spot for Michelle in all her incarnations.

It's both compelling and sad, and I think I'm going to like Michelle, regardless of how different/similar she is to April Pearson's Michelle.... as long as Skins itself tones down on the pimp-daddy overtones and just lets Rachel's beauty come out a little more naturally.

I want to say more on this but I really gotta cut it short.


It was entertaining. Was it excellently crafted television? No. Was it the worst thing ever seen? NO. It was entertaining. I enjoyed watching it. It was decent. Was it as good as Skins UK? It was no worse than the UK pilot, imo. It just had different strengths and different weaknesses. Not bad, just different. (Altho I will say I feel the acting in the UK one overall was quite a bit better, and that's not just a "looking thru rose-coloured glasses into the sentimental past" kinda thing.) Not hating, just stating.

Am I head over heels in love with it? No. I'm just going with it. I know it'll get better, so I think it has potential to be really good. But, you know what? Even if that doesn't happen it'll still be fun times. And really, Skins is just good entertainment, right? If it's entertaining then it's done its job.

Still got my happy-hat on. :)
shan_3414 on January 18th, 2011 11:52 pm (UTC)
WORD. I am right there with you on pretty much everything. Solid C-effort, quite rough in places, but going to get better, I think. I have to say, though, I think James' delivery was probably the worst out of the bunch, particularly since he's meant to carry this episode. It was just really grating to me. Rachel's delivery wasn't perfect either, but there's still something about her I really, really like, and I think I'm going to love her take on Michelle (though maybe not as much as AP's, because really -- one of my top characters ever).

I have more thoughts, but I'm tired and dumb right now.
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] chelle: we're the youth of todaydoreah on January 19th, 2011 07:38 am (UTC)

No one can ever replace April, and I don't expect Rachel to (especially since I am not legally allowed to lust after her hahaha), and no Michelle can ever beat UK!Michelle... but then it's not a competition and I think I'll enjoy Michelle regardless of any parallels if they give her some depth and stop parading her around like all she is a pretty face. (it's a little too meta/4th wall-ish/ironic for me). and I just really really really really need RT to sharpen her delivery skills and I'll be more excited.

At this point, I'm curious about how sad/desperate she is and WHY. I'm not exactly looking forward to it if she isn't given more depth (I honestly fear this Michelle runs the risk of being seen as more shallow than the other just simply cos I felt like UK had layer due to her "persona" but this one doesn't have that strong outward personality ... YET. it's only the pilot and Michelle didn't have much personality in the UK pilot either. SO i'm still hopeful.) But still watching that scene, just gets me cos it's really sad, imo. Her eyes are just... GUUUUUHHHH SO SAD. or something.

I just don't really like people drooling over RT/Michelle SIMPLY cos she's gorgeous or they ship her with Tea (dnw, sorry!) so that's also why i hope she gets a really solid story and personality. i'm a little hypocritical there tho cos the whole reason i went all ga-ga for her initially is cos a)she's pretty and b)she's michelle. hahah. not exactly deep and meaningful basis there lol.

shan_3414 on January 24th, 2011 02:04 am (UTC)
Sadly, I can see people being all: "OMG SO MUCH BETTER THAN UK MICHELLE. SHE HAS SO MUCH MORE DEPTHHHH AND SHE HAS A SECRET HEART OF GOLLLLD". When really she ends up being MORE shallow than UK!Michelle and everyone just perceives her as having depth because she's played with less subtlety. Because, let's face it, 90% of fandom still thinks Michelle was a shallow bitch, when to me, she's one of the most complex, honest, realistic characters I've seen.

But that's sort of besides the point. I'm hopeful! Even though RT's delivery was sometimes rough, I think she had a pretty good handle (better than most of the cast, tbh) on body language and expressions, and a lot of that was what made me a BELIEVER. So. I think she has loads of promise.

(And NGL, I totally ship Michelle/Tea, if only in fandom. So there's my shallow for the day.)
Bob Loblaw's Law Blog: [tv] skins : hearts chrisscullyseviltwin on January 19th, 2011 12:19 am (UTC)
Heh, solid C effort definitely.

Though I gotta say, not really digging Tea yet. I hope they make her a HBIC much like KATIE-FUCKING-FITCH!
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] chelle: i've got a bad desire;doreah on January 19th, 2011 07:39 am (UTC)
Yeah, me neither. I don't really understand the fuss. We've barely seen much of her at all really. I do like Sofia tho, lol. I'm guessing the character will grow on me...
(Screened comment)
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] eura: break my fall in adoreah on January 19th, 2011 08:03 am (UTC)
THANKS LJ FOR LETTING ME BACK ON. did ur lj go down for like 2 hours just now? ugh.

LOL, overanalyse? Us? NEVER. ;) I mean, if I hadn't ever seen Skins, and known full well that it takes a while for every gen to really dig its roots in, I may be less accommodating in terms of thinking positive... but it's pretty much a given now so I gotta see that light all the way down that tunnel. Plus, honestly... S4 was such shit that I think, even tho at the finale I was done ready to give up Skins for good, I still kinda want it in my life apparently.


Whatevs. I like her delivery in the sense that perhaps she overacts slightly at times, but at least she's throwing her all into it... whereas certain other people don't seem to be acting enough. I like that she sounds confident in her speech. Or something. Her deadpan sarcasm gets me. I think she's fucking hilarious when she's not being super-crey. I agree that it seems like sometimes James is trying to be Nick instead of Tony...

OMG. YOU ARE RIGHT. I can totally see it... and why you hope for Tony/bus.

i get kind of cranky when i feel like people are really only watching it for whether or not someone's a lesbian.

I feel like that's the ONLY reason people are watching and loving her so much. it irritates me too. it's not for the character herself, it's cos she's gay and all that other pseudo political BS. (i've prolly just offended everyone in the world.) -- which ties into my displeasure of people only liking Michelle cos she's a sex object/or OMG SHE'S GAY TOO... like whatever. we've not even seen the show yet, and if it leads that way/hints about that/or even gives a vibe, that's one thing but everything in SkinsUS fandom is so presumptuous. just cos someone's gay on TV doesn't make them ~amazing. i'd really have to see Tea in action, and more of her personality to gauge whether she's a character i'm interested in. too soon to tell for me cos sexual orientation does not a solid criteria make.

IA about stanley. i hated sid pretty much so i'm pleasantly surprised i don't hate stan. he's pretty adorable and seems totally different than sid. which is only good in my books. and he's a decent actor which is bonus.

yeah, i'm up in the air on rachel/michelle. you make a good point: maybe she IS a really good actress and that's the new direction they're taking her in... hmmm... BUT i'm not sure i buy that yet so like you, yes "see more" is the conclusion for me too.

OMG PETER BRADY VOICE! i think he's decent. again tho, i don't feel like i got enough of him yet to decide.

i can see that about eura for you. we're most protective/most critical of our faves. i mean i TRY not to judge and compare michelles and april/rachel but it's inevitable really, and i feel a little bad for holding rachel to such a higher standard than the rest of them... but i can't fix that. and i hope to god they don't fuck effy up, cos i can imagine if they fuck michelle up i'd cry. so if they fuck effy/eura up, i'll be there for you too. if they cock BOTH of them up, we can hold each other, bb.

i find it amusing that the show takes a lot of pot shots at gossip girl, when it's so close to actually just being another version of gossip girl.
YES. it's on the edge i feel, lurking somewhere between real skins and exactly what you said some outrageous random teen mtv show. i hope it slides into the Skins side... but there's still potential for it... NO. I won't say it. I'll think positive. Cos i NEED this show to come back next season, lol. for purely selfish reasons obvs but still. i think it'll just take a bit to ground itself in Skins-world instead of American Teen Drama World. I TRUST IT WILL BE JUST FINE. :D

(ps. i also screened your comment cos this is a public entry and i dunno if you want that pic shown to the world lol. the world of 8 people that even read this... but still.)
(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] effy: if i could change anythingdoreah on January 19th, 2011 07:43 pm (UTC)

lol... YUCK. Your subconscious (yet now conscious) Tony Snyder aversion makes even more sense now ;)
angel of deathbloodyknuckles on January 19th, 2011 12:30 am (UTC)
but yeah, the dialogue. some of that slang is just shit that they made up to sound cool, and nobody says it. and dnb? they'd be more likely these days to say dubstep, and even then i don't think they would say it. and THE MUSIC... YES, WITH THE INDIE. molly said something in the rewatch about being upset they didn't use chingy in the opening, and i kind of agreed. yeah that's an old song, but they could have found something less indie. starting with animal collective is like piking down a huge sign in your front yard that says "i'm a pretentious snob," and i say this after totally admitting that i love that they used that song. but only because i love that song. only. after that, it just felt like they were trying to use indie shit to be "on the cutting edge," because they've clearly done their homework and they seem to know what us as fans LIKE. they just don't comprehend it. in simpler terms, this is called "trying too hard," and if the show doesn't find it's footing fast this is all i'm going to feel like it's accomplished.

but for what it's worth, it was entertaining. and as much as i said here (wow word vomit whats up) i'm really kind of reserving a more solid judgement for after i've seen at least one or two more episodes. this is really difficult, and i think everyone in the "die-hard fan" group would agree, to be objective and separate yourself from having seen the uk version. i tried to the best of my ability, and i consider myself pretty fair and objective. i guess that's why i really need a few more episodes to base an opinion from, because if i had to go off just this pilot, and if i had to reaaaaally try to pretend like i had never seen skins ever before... i honestly don't know if i would keep watching this. but as a die-hard who believes it has the potential to get so much better, i'm sticking by it.

i probably left something out but oh well. don't be surprised if you get like 10 more comments from me this evening.
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] cadie: can i make it better?doreah on January 19th, 2011 08:18 am (UTC)
PARK MY CHEVY (i just think "drove my chevy to the levy but the levy was dry... damn that song is hard to do on Band Hero...)
there were so many i lost count. and they're all weird cos no one fucking talks like that. i could handle it in the UK version simply cos i'm like "maybe they dooo say shit like that over there" lol. but i know for certain have the vocab they used here was like "HUH? WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?"

which chingy track?
i liked what they did but yeah "TRYING TOO HARD" needs to be the motto so far. i hope they don't just keep choosing fucking obscure music just to have indie cred. i hate when people do that. if a pop song or some more well known yet still indie song fits occasionally, then USE it (unless you can't get licensing i guess.) i don't think there's any shame in throwing in a popular track, or just a more accessible one here and there. i love exposure to new tracks but... yeah TRY HARDS.
like skins G3 used that arcade fire song and i actually liked it again, regardless of it being "cool". it was awesome. i think these random obscure artists are just cheaper and more willing to license their music away. *shrug*

i think everyone in the "die-hard fan" group would agree, to be objective and separate yourself from having seen the uk version. i tried to the best of my ability
i didn't!!! LMAO. not the first time round. rewatching i did tho. or i tried to for the most part. really hard.

i like that whole paragraph there and i agree so hard. i think once it starts feeling more organic and less forced, it'll take on a life of its own and be good :)
angel of deathbloodyknuckles on January 19th, 2011 08:32 am (UTC)

i'm a big fan of the video annotation that suggests watching a dog get a bite taken out of his balls by a turtle

once upon a time, i was in a car with a boy who was flipping around the radio. this song was on a channel he stopped on. in his thick, ridiculous midwestern accent, he began to tell me that he liked chingy because of the way he said words. then he mimicked it.

these are the moments i wish i could rewind time and say things i think in hindsight, like "yo baby you so stupid. let's make out." i'm pretty sure i said the first part, and didn't say the second. i know regardless, i was completely amazed at how totally idiotic this conversation was.

i'm done with story time. i'm on to bed time.
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] chelle: with godless americadoreah on January 19th, 2011 07:45 pm (UTC)
HAHAHA. I knwo that one. I just want to redub it now.

"i was completely amazed at how totally idiotic this conversation was." AHHHhhh. Those are the bestest convos cos in retrospect they're amaaaaazing.
angel of deathbloodyknuckles on January 19th, 2011 03:42 am (UTC)
now i remember what i left out!

i'm so glad you said you hate sleigh bells. i don't hate them but.... i'm sooooo sick of hearing them and hearing about them. they're not that great. it's like the xx - overrated as fuck. which, like i said in the huge comment, makes me kind of hate it.
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [cutechicks] dude!doreah on January 19th, 2011 04:31 am (UTC)
EXACTLY. overrated. like teh xx, phoenix, etc. but i also just don't like their music. never have even when no one had heard of them. i still don't know why they got so popular...
angel of deathbloodyknuckles on January 19th, 2011 04:58 am (UTC)
i like a couple songs. that's quite enough. lol
an idea is bulletproof: Dollhouse - cool kidselizalavelle on January 19th, 2011 04:23 am (UTC)
I'm giving it a season to see how it goes. I was entertained enough by the episode and there were strong points. I liked how the main crew were totally the Huntington kids at the party ;)
Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain: [skins] drink up bitchesdoreah on January 19th, 2011 04:30 am (UTC)
OMG YES!!! It was such a Huntington moment wasnt it? Those were good times... That was pretty much our Huntington modus operandi. ahh memories.

Yay I'm glad you're giving it all season! I'm gonna watch the whole thing, but I can't guarantee I'll like all the time. BUT DUDE, i HAVE to watch it cos it's like... my life. And I'm excited for my Emmy-award winning TV debut lol. I am going to blow everyone away with my beauty and talent hahaha.