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26 March 2012 @ 12:15 am
carpark of heartbreak lol  

this post has no other point.

(i knew where this one was long ago but i couldn't be bothered going all the way there til recently.
also is it bad i just watched this scene and legit laughed? what is wrong with me, lol? legit chuckled out loud. this is how much i don't care for naomily anymore i guess, haha. or perhaps skins itself. this scene just seems so hilariously over the top. like seriously. lmao espesh emily and her "it was fraaagile you ruuuu-eeened it!" (cos in my head "ruined" is always said the Stewie Griffin way) wah wah wah. i seriously cant. its hilarity! i just wanna giggle and bitch slap all of them for being such idiots and crying all the time lol. just LMAO. dumb children, blowing everything so out of proportion. grow up, whiny bitches.)