you play clarinet, i look shaggable

Béibhinn Mór-Ríoghain
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We’re fools whether we dance or not, so we might as well dance.
"i'll finger; you blow", "you blog is-licks ass", "your life is beautiful", 09ers, 1990 chevy cavs, 3-person hotel glostick parties!, acting, activism, alcohol, angry short people show, animal rights, applying st-augustine to contemporary-situations, auralgasms, back streets & alleys, backwards sperm, bears...rawr, becoming the music, beer for breakfast, being pretty damn clever, being the original eskimo_jo, being-rude 2 kat-prescott in-my-dreams, bombing hills, boob-triangles, bristolian graffiti, broken m&m's, calgary flames, carol rance, cheerios, cheesy 90s uk pop, clare bitch project, clever stop sign graffiti, cloud photography, co-ops, cocaine barbie campers, daenerys/doreah, documentaries, dodging coolers at highspeeds, dolphin-babies, doreah, dreaming of glastonbury, driving on backroads, drop n roll ;), dropping important!stuff in toilets, drugs, drunken hot-tub parties, drunken singing outside pubs, duncton wood, environmentalism, episodes, excessive tea drinking, existentialism, failing school, fitting more-than 4-words in-my-interests., flashing lights-&-loud music, floating around, forgetting to email back, frequent use of ellipses..., fuckin' ravin', goats screaming like people, goldirocks, great lakes surfing, hallucinating in cars @night, having mad dj skillz, home videos, horse bladders, hugging kat dennings, impulsive surfboard purchases, impulsiveness, inle, international symbol for tea, irresponsibility, just be(ing conceptual), kickin' ass at drinking-games, knee-gasms, longboarding, looking shaggable, lying about important stuff, lying about unimportant stuff, magasins pour les fêtes, marrying nietzsche, massive spontaneous parties, metaphysics, mississauga icedogs, mixtapes for every occasion, monging out, mushrooms, ndp, never becoming a doctor, never growing up, never-shut-my-mouthism, new rave, new york city, nietzsche, nightmares of tsunamis, nomadic surf trips, not knocking first, not-secretly loving dance music, outside jokes, parlez le français mal, partying, peanutpot cookies, peeing in vaughans yard, pet rats, philosophy, photos of old bridges, pissing off sand crabs, pool parties in december, pretending i'm in med-school, procrastination, proposing marriage to roxanne-mckee, putting stickers everywhere, quoting thomas more, rat pipes, reading spinoza on subways, rebe screaming "asshole!!!", replacing blood with vodka, road trips, shag carpet!, silicon feathers, singing loudly in cars, skateboarding, sleeping, sluts in hair, smashing technology, snogging celebrities, solo underwear dance parties, squat parties, squishing ice-cream to mush, stalking my friends, starting fights in clubs, storm-chasing, street art, subway performing, surfing, taking the long way, talking to strangers, the green forest, the word "shag" apparently, throwing biscuits @ paddington, tibet, toilet cubicle graffiti, uss (ubiquitous synergy seeker), walking dressers, wandering, wanting 2b a hippo!, watership down, where are my dragons???!!?!, white sno balls